Our products

From the sea to the table

Friulpesca has been managing the best fish from Italian seas and around the world with experience and passion. Fresh, frozen or processed fish products are subjected to rigorous quality tests, and always transported and processed at a controlled temperature to meet the most stringent standards of traceability and food safety. Strict procedures that allow Friulpesca to guarantee the supply of excellent quality fish, shellfish and seafood.

Fresh fish

For the procurement of fish products from local seas, Friulpesca relies on the work of affiliated fishing boats which, in addition to strict compliance with the most stringent hygiene and food regulations, guarantee respect for marine biodiversity and the working conditions of its employees.
Thanks to a vast network of selected partners, the fish is checked and distributed within a few hours, always arriving very fresh on consumers’ tables.

Le stagione del pescato
Big-scale sand smelt, European eel, European bass, Grooved razor shell, Purple dye murex, Scallop, Great scallop, Thinlip mullet, Flathead grey mullet, Thicklip grey mullet, Atlantic cod, Tub gurnard, Baltic prawn, Leerfish, Hake, Whiting, Sand steenbras, Saddled seabream, Gilt-head bream, European sprat, European flounder, Rajoid, Angler, Norway lobster, Bluefish, Sole, Truffle, Atlantic bonito, Red mullet.
Garfish, Lobster, Squid, Queen scallop, Scallop, Thinlip mullet, Common eagle ray, Mediterranean mussel, Snapper, Atlantic cod, Tub gurnard, Grass goby, European spider crab, European conger, Blue whiting, Spicara maena, Atlantic cod, Forkbeard, Common pandora, Common smooth-hound, Swordfish, Sand sole, Atlantic stargazer, Greater weever, Rajoid, Greater amberjack, Turbot, John Dory, Common two-banded sea bream, Red scorpionfish, Cuttlefish, Mackerel, Common bobtail squid, Annular sea bream, Atlantic horse mackerel, Truffle, Atlantic bluefin tuna, Bullet tuna, Red mullet, Manila clam, Chamelea gallina.
Big-scale sand smelt, Bogue, European bass, Squid, Squilla mantis, Purple dye murex, Thinlip mullet, Thicklip grey mullet, Flathead grey mullet, Common eagle ray, Brown meagre, Pink dentex, Smooth clam, Crangon crangon, European spider crab, Brown crab, Mediterranean green crab, Atlantic mackerel, Leerfish, Hake, Musky octopus, Shi drum, Gilt-head bream, Octopus, Angler, Salema porgy, Sheephead bream, Common two-banded sea bream, European pilchard, European anchovy, Brill, Sole, Atlantic horse mackerel, Atlantic bonito, Little tunny, Red mullet, Striped red mullet.
European eel, Lobster, Bogue, European bass, Common whelk, Squid, Grooved razor shell, Queen scallop, Thinlip mullet, Golden grey mullet, Mediterranean mussel, Snapper, Smooth clam, Grass goby, Brown crab, Blue whiting, Shi drum, Ostrea, Common pandora, Red porgy, Common smooth-hound, Octopus, Greater amberjack, Turbot, Salema porgy, John Dory, European anchovy, Red scorpionfish, Mackerel, Brill, Little tunny, European flying squid, Striped red mullet, Manila clam, Chamelea gallina.

Frozen fish

Friulpesca has a division specialized in the research, selection and procurement of frozen fish products from all over the world, of which it guarantees the quality, traceability and compliance with health regulations.

Processed fish

Friulpesca also distributes and markets a rich offer of ready-to-cook fish products. Whole fish already cleaned and gutted, but also steaks, fillets and seafood, in practical vacuum packs dedicated to those who do not want to give up goodness, taste and practicality.  The offer is completed by salted, dried and smoked products, the result of recipes handed down for generations.

Quality farmed fish

Friulpesca is committed to get quality farmed products that meet high standards for the environment and proper nutrition, through a network of qualified international suppliers.