The care for the environment, respect for the territory and the enhancement of human resources are values that have always guided and inspired Friulpesca.

Respect for the sea

The marine environment is a precious asset and it must be preserved and respected. Following this principle, Friulpesca adopts a responsible approach by favouring supply chains that reduce the impact of fishing on the marine ecosystem, in order to counteract the impoverishment of the natural habitat.

Protection of our territory

Protecting our territory means respecting its values, responding to the needs of the community and preserving its vitality. This occurs not only through sustainable fishing practices, but also through concrete acts to protect the territory which is our place of origin and common heritage.

Supplier control

Friulpesca has always made use of certified suppliers who share not only the love for the sea and the passion for the quality of the products offered with the company, but also respect for the workers and communities that make a living based on fishing. The company also operates within the certified organic supply chain and is able to offer both organic and seaweed-based fish products.